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 Larry Graeber      


My primary focus is painting and moderately scaled sculpture. The paintings incorporate aspects of expressionism and formalism produced with brushes, trowels, squeegees and sticks on canvas. 
No longer inclined to attempt to make my medium address secondary presumptions or fields of inquiry, I have gravitated towards coaxing my medium into resolute artifacts.
I have no doubt that my interior life forges structures and possibilities that are configured by my psyche and experience based on my own senses and interaction with the world.
Whether for a painting, paperwork, sculpture, or a foam board piece, assessment and preparation is essential, particularly scale, medium, and general direction.
It always amazes me how quickly such banal and inert materials can respond to activation. Often a work can take off quickly for better or worse. At this juncture it becomes essential to manage, not override, the works inherent destiny but comply with the medium and work it into some essential causality that can disclose some circumstantial theme.


-Late Day, 32 x 68    oil.JPG (375486 bytes)
Late Day
32x68 oil on canvas

-Home, 54 x 62, oil.JPG (879172 bytes)
54x62 oil on canvas

-Slider, 47 x 76, oil.jpg (1529121 bytes)
47x76 oil on canvas

-Supporting Blue, 58 x 45, oil.jpg (1245339 bytes)
Supporting Blue
58x45 oil on canvas





-Back it Up, 58 x 45, oil.jpg (1582558 bytes)

Back it Up

58X45 oil on canvas


-Cumulus, 20 x 18, oil.jpg (1466608 bytes)


20x18 oil on canvas


-Flood, 58 x 45, oil.jpg (1647896 bytes)
58x45 oil on canvas


-Locality, 55 x 45, oil.jpg (1781373 bytes)
55x45 oil on canvas


-Shelter, 28 x 26, oil.jpg (1590959 bytes)
28x26 oil on canvas



Broken Circle  41 x 18 x 5.5, wood, wire, paint.jpg (1039993 bytes)
Broken Circle
wood, wire,paint

-Deck, 40 x 32, oil.jpg (967526 bytes)
40x32 oil on canvas

-Gaze, 28 x 34 oil.jpg (1271180 bytes)
28x34 oil on canvas

-Neighborhood   35 x 30    oil.JPG (1863119 bytes)
35x30 oil on canvas

-Plateau, 58 x 45, oil.jpg (1080007 bytes)
58x45 oil on canvas

-Zoom, 30 x 24, oil.jpg (1191356 bytes)
30x24 oil on canvas




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