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 Matt Morris      




As an architect I have always been drawn to our built environment. As an artist I am drawn to nature. I find the melding of those two environments fascinating.

Sometimes the brutal collision of the two has even greater meaning for me. In some instances where humans have marked the earth the visual results can be beautiful but oftentimes chilling. What are the results of these two worlds as people continue to change the surface of our planet?

Recently I have been especially interested in aerial satellite images of the earth. Through those images reveal a landscape in constant state of change. I want to bring to light and share with others how I see our lands in such a completely different way: through the aerial landscape.




Crop_Circles_II oc 36x48.jpg (670862 bytes)
Crop Circles II
oil on canvas  36"x48"

Lines_on_Red Lands-wc 22x30 .jpg (438255 bytes)
Lines on Red Lands
watercolor  22"x30"


The_Blue_Between oc 40x30.jpg (642319 bytes)
The Blue Between
oil on canvas  40"x30"



Montana_Stripes_II-oc 48x60.jpg (674478 bytes)
Montana Stripes
oil on canvas 48"x60"

Spanish_Olives_I-wc 14x20.jpg (611891 bytes)
Spanish Olives I
watercolor  14"x20"

Spanish_Olives_oc-36x48.jpg (768663 bytes)
Spanish Olives
oil on canvas  36"x48

Craziness_in_Bolivia_oc-60x72 .jpg (678036 bytes)
Craziness in Bolivia
oil on canvas  60"x72"

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